Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pro Precision Guides takes the difficult and expensive process of CT imagery and does the work for you. Through a HIPAA Compliant upload and download process, we make the prescription process and digital file assembly transparent to the end user.

The comprehensive treatment plans begin with accuracy and secure file transfers:

  • Our accuracy is maximized by utilizing a digital work flow.
  • Open architecture CAD/CAM software is our standard allowing complete freedom (to work with other open systems that are capable of generating STL/STA files) for design and fabrication.
  • Custom Radiographic Data Markers (RDM) for each patient eliminates the need to duplicate or alter existing prosthesis and multiple CT scans to build a case.
  • Disposable RDM after CT scan.
  • Files are uploaded through a HIPAA compliant secured link.

Pro Precision Guides offers complete communication, customization and satisfaction:

  • No user software expenses. 
  • Customized for each patient and implant system. 
  • Reverse engineered on patient or model scan (not CT data) giving unsurpassed fit with retention to dentition. 
  • Designed with strength and vision without flex or bulk as to not hinder surgical procedure. 
  • Built to work around orthodontic appliances.

Please contact us at info@proprecisionguides.com if you have any questions.

ProPrecision Guides

Straumann guided surgery is becoming more stream lined with Keybite by Pro Precision Guides. Designed specifically for Straumann’s  coDiagnostiX andgonyX workflow.
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If you have any questions, direct them to info@proprecisionguides.com.
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